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    Published on: 06/03/2015 11:49:00

    Resale Housing Prices Rise by 0.2% in February

    Resale Housing Prices Rise by 0.2% in February | Ella Investment Property

    However, compared with February 2014, when the price of resale housing stood at 1,667 euros/m2, the year-on-year decline is 4.3%

    Seven regions registered month-on-month price increases, with the greatest being for Madrid (1.3%), Andalucía(0.9%) and the Canary Islands (0.8%) while, in contrast, the greatest declines were registered for Extremadura (-1%), Asturias (-0.7%) and the Basque Country (-0.5%).

    The Basque Country remains the most expensive region, with the price per square metre reaching 2,638 euros, followed by Madrid (2,338 euros) and Catalonia (1,878 euros). The regions with the most affordable prices are Castilla La Mancha (984 euros/m2), Extremadura (1,009 euros) and Murcia (1,074 euros).

    A total of 23 Spanish provinces registered positive price rates during the month of January. The greatest increases were recorded in Lleida (1.6%), Granada (1.5%), Córdoba (1.4%), Seville (1.4%), Barcelona, Zaragoza and Madrid (all three with 1.3%). In contrast, the biggest decline was recorded in Soria (-2.3%), followed by Castellon (-1.8%) and Cáceres (-1.7%).

    The Basque provinces of Guipuzcoa and Vizcaya remain the most expensive, with 2,957 euros/m2 and 2,702 euros/m2 respectively. Below those provinces in the ranking are Madrid (2,338 euros/m2) and Barcelona (2,161 euros/m2).

    Resale housing prices are most economical in the province of Cuenca, with a price of 882 euros per square metre, followed by Toledo (909 euros/m2) and Ciudad Real (943 euros/m2).

    Source: Kyero News

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